C.A.T.S (Connecticut Argentine Tango Society)  Milonga in New Haven, CT

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(1st Saturday of  Every Month)

**free Beginner Tango Lesson with Judy Phelps 8-8:30:

CATS October 17th Anniversary  Milonga with Performance and special gifts Saturday, October 6! 


Click here for info about Tango Workshops and performance with George and Jairelbhi Furlong!! SaturdayOctober 6, and Sunday, October 7 2018 

8:00 PM - 12:00 AM

 $25, $15 students with ID

($25, $15 students when there is a performance or live music.)

(Note: Because our rent has recently increased, we now need to charge $20 for our milongas, and $25 when there is a performance or Live Music. Thanks for understanding. We never want $ to be a reason for people not to join us. Please speak to me if this is a problem.)


Come wish our October people happy birthday with a birthday tango, and celebrate CATS 17th Anniversary with good friends, tasty food, lovely dancing  in a beautiful space. 

Whitney Arts Center, 591 Whitney AV, New Haven, CT

**Old home built in 1905 with a beautiful ballroom**

591 Whitney Art Center, New Haven, CT (directions below**)

All events held at Whitney Arts Center

591 Whitney Ave (near corner of Cold Spring St.) New Haven, CT

**Old home built in 1905 with a beautiful ballroom**

I-91 to exit 6 (Willow St)

Right at end of ramp onto Willow St

Straight to end of Willow and turn right onto Whitney Ave

Two blocks to Cold Spring St

Whitney Arts Center is on the right, next to the church on the corner of Whitney and Cold Spring

Parking on the street


INFORMATION: phelpstango@optonline.net or call 203-874-2102

Next Milonga NOVEMBER 3 with performances and intensive Tango Workshops Nov 3 & 4 wit Pablo Pugliese and Noel Strazza!.

Click here for news about La Luna Milonga in the New Haven area hosted by our friend Mariana Fresno on 2nd Saturdays  

 Our floor is Ocho-tested  and ready for us! Yay. 

WAC floorApril 16

Letter to our Tango community from CATS:

CATS would like to thank our community for your patience and support in light of the difficulties we have experienced with the stickiness of the floor at our milongas for the past few months because of the rosin from the ballet dancers. Our landlord has been working with us to research and find solutions to return the floor to its previous smooth surface.  

The New Haven Ballet Company also uses the space and needs to use rosin on the floor. The landlord has presented ideas to try to suit each of our different needs, but it will take time to accomplish, and he needs to work around the time when the ballet company will be on a break so that he will have access to the floor when not in use in order to make the changes. 

Please bear with us while we sort this out. In the meantime we will continue to make free stockings available to put over your shoes and also offer the Dance Socks for $5 that I ordered from Amazon that look nicer and work quite well. (The $5 covers the price I paid for them.)

We have loved working in this beautiful space and dancing with all of you. We look forward to many more Tangos in the future. Thanks you again for your patience and support. 


Judy Phelps

Pramila Vishvanath

Anda Horvath  

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