YALE Tango Classes at Yale University’s Payne Whitney Gym

The Yale gym will not be offering Argentine Tango until the threat of contracting the Coronavirus is sufficiently lowered and it is safe to dance in embrace again.Until then I hope you are all well and staying safe. I miss everyone and hope to see you soon. 

Spring Semester Tango Classes at the Yale Gym Begin Tuesday, January 14, 2020!!

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Beginner/Intermediate level Argentine Tango Class will meet on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30 PM in Dance Studio EF (around the corner from the elevators) on the 5th floor of the Payne Whitney Gym at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Singles are welcome. You may repeat this class to continue developing skills in figures, improvisation, floorcraft, musicality, and partnering.     Because many people take this class multiple times, each semester we focus on different elements but continue to relate them to building and keeping the connection to your partner and improvising fun and interesting options using fundamentals that make everything easier. We will look at classic material from a variety of contemporary dancers and build opportunities for all the expressive elements so richly abundant in the traditions of this dance to make it your own. 

Essential focus for all levels: balance for  individuals and partnerships, clear strategies for walking smoothly and to the music, techniques for creating and executing controlled turns, and a variety of fun and playful games within the tango vocabulary.

The Spring 2020 semester classes begin on January 14 and run for 12 classes in the series until April 14  (2 weeks off for Spring Break in March).

The Fall 2020 semester classes begin Tuesday, September 15 and run for 12 classes in the series until December 8 (1 week off for Thanksgiving ).

Anyone can take the class, but it costs more if you are not a member of the Payne Whitney Gym at YaleMembers $75 single / $150 per coupleNon-Members $125 single / $250 per couple. (Updated Fall 2019 prices)

You are welcome to take the class as a single or with a partner. There will be plenty of people to dance with as we rotate partners.

Register during the Tuesday class and pay by cash or check (to Yale University), or members can go to the sports and recreation website (below) to register with a credit card.

You can email me (phelpstango@optonline.net) to reserve a space if you like.

phelpstango@optonline.net OR 203-874-2102 for info.  

**Registration for Yale Community – Available online Jan 7, Tuesday 9am  **

**In Person Registration for Community  Sept. 8, 9 & 10  from 2:00-5:00pm, PWG, 5th Fl, Rm 509  

** Our website http://sportsandrecreation.yale.edu

‭Yale Sports and Recreation office: (203) 432-1444‬

 Shop classes the first week     (spinning & rowing not included)

Judy Phelps, Instructor  

Directions to Yale Payne Whitney Gym, (70 Tower Parkway, New Haven, CT):

I-95 North to exit 47 in New Haven, or I-91 South to exit 1 in New Haven to the Rt 34 connector.

On the connector go to exit 3. At the light turn RIGHT onto YORK St.

Stay on YORK St. until the 5th light (just past "Toad's Place")

At the light turn LEFT onto TOWER PARKWAY (Grove St becomes Tower Parkway at that intersection)

Yale's Payne Whitney Gym is a large gothic building straight ahead where the road curves to the left. Make a right turn at the light in front of the gym, turn left at the stop sign, and left into the parking lot.

The classes are on the 5th floor; take the elevator. Hope you can join us. 

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